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Welcome Readers, I am posting this blog post due to the reason that there are a lot of fake gurus and Youtubers teaching stupid ways to earn online which just doesn’t work. I am a freelancer for the past 7 years and I have been living this life for way too long. So, I know the inside and outs of the Freelancing, and I will like to spread this knowledge with you guys. Let’s Get Started !!

1. Gain The Skill To Sell

Look If you thought that this is gonna be like some easy way to earn money online then let me burst the bubble for you… THERE IS NONE!! Everything needs hardwork and Skill. So, First of all you need to learn a skill that can provide some service to the people online.

For example – I am a React Web Developer and I make amazing websites and I specialise in animations and transitions which make a huge difference. I sell my hours in exchange for money. I know that it cannot be scaled but as you become more experienced, You get paid more and it kind of balances out itself.

But How I got started was a bit different. I started on Fiverr by installing Mac OS X on the customer’s Pc and earned a pretty good amount of money that way… That proves that you don’t need to be a huge web developer in order to make some money online. But If you need to make a sustainable income and business out of it then you need to earn a skill that is more in demand than just making Hackintosh’s…

What are the Skills that are in Demand ?

  1. Content Writer – I know that to some people this might sound a bit weird but Freelance Content Writers do earn a lot of money around the world with the average pay being around $31/Hour in 2020. This is a huge income for a Content Writer if you work 36 hours a week at $31/Hour then you can earn up to $4500/Month Or Approx. $54000/Year which is a huge income in many countries. Now the question arises that how can somebody learn how to be a Content Writer?

If you want to learn content writing then this is the course that I suggest you guys… It comes with a 30 Refund policy as well… So if you don’t like it then you can get a refund from them…

To get the course go to Click Here and search “Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs”. Use “1010HOLIDAY30” as a coupon code in order to get a 30% Discount.

This is the Course that I recommend because this have rating of 4.7 stars.

To Learn More about Content Writing Click Here

2. Graphic designing – Graphics Designing is best for a person who has an eye for design and can really bring out the artistic side of things. As a graphic designer you will have to work on Logos, Brandings, Icons, Vectors, and loads more. There is no limit to how much a graphic designer can earn if they diversify their income sources properly.

Graphic Designers like Daniel Scott earns around $98/Hour for their work which he told about in his course which I took a while back and It really helped me out… I have become a way better Developer and Designer Since then. You can do the math for this yourself…

If you want to learn from him as well I suggest you take on this Skillshare subscription in which all his courses, as well as courses from other tutors, are included with 7 days of a free trial. You can use this link to get his course on Fiverr Learn – Click Here and search “Daniel Scott”. Use “1010HOLIDAY30” as a coupon code in order to get a 30% Discount.

I will recommend you the Adobe XD: UX/UI Design Essentials…
This is the course i did myself and It really helped me out

3. Blogging – This is one of the most popular ways to earn money online and in some cases it makes around $10k-$40/Month… Now there are a lot of ways to achieve a good income on blogs… and a lot of teachers online as well… But their main motive is to earn money from you which is fine because they are teaching you something but they just give out the options like BlueHost which is a good hosting company but… In order to get the benefits that are promised like cheap monthly rates… You have to go for a minimum of the 1-year plan but the promised rates are available in the 3-year plan…


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